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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

I have been a branding specialist in the entertainment world for 20 years and hadn't even realized it until THIS year. Someone mentioned personal branding to me and I was like, "what is that?".

So I began to research. After reading and listening to all the confusing videos and articles online, I decided to simplify what PERSONAL BRANDING actually is and why it is so important. I break it down in 8 basic steps.

These are tools I use every day to help launch the very successful careers of every person I have ever worked with.

I also want you to understand how important PERSONAL BRANDING it is in your every day life and how it carries into every aspect of your life. Personal Brand = Your Authentic Self. Your personal brand is extremely important to any business you are in especially entrepreneurs working to connect with their clients and take their business to whole new heights.

Understand your personal brand is understanding yourself, which automatically gives you confidence. It gives you a better understanding of yourself.


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