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Stop letting your fears and lack of self-confidence keep you from your greatness!!

I just had dinner with one of my closest childhood friends. She began to tell me how much she hates her job and how she has wondered how she could have her own business and do something she loves.

I asked her what she really LOVES to do.

She loves to bake.

But she fears financial failure. Who would buy her cakes? How could she ever sell enough cakes to help support her family? What if she quits her secure job that give her great benefits and then fails?

I asked her...what would have happened if Steve Jobs would have allowed his fears to control him?

What if Sam Walton (Walmart), with a 6th grade education, would have given into his fears?

We all have fears but we can't let them control us.

Within an hour, we created her company name, bought the domain name for her company, got all her social media profiles, came up with her branding concept, a marketing plan, and put a plan together to launch in 3 weeks.


We looked at how many cakes she would need to sell a month to quit her job.

I witnessed her as she realized her dream's possibilities.

I could see her world light up.

I watched her fears disappear.

I heard pride in her voice.

She could see a light at the end of the tunnel.

In order to step into your have to first show up. Then you take it step by step.

You also have to invest in yourself. If you have a dream...find someone to help you make it reality.

DM me if you are needing help with your dreams and business ideas.


Photo cred: Thatja Andrade

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